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    4965agn problem


      I have three Motion Computing C5 tablets that have the intel 4965agn wireless nic in them. The problem i am having with all three of them is they will not stay connected to our network (meru MC1000 controller with the latest firmware) for more than 5 hours at the absolute most. On average, they disconnect in less than one hour. By disconnect i mean, the icon in the system tray turns into a red X and there is are no networks within range. There is a "troubleshoot" option that resets the adapter and then it will see the networks again. It is not just the networks on the Meru controller that are no longer able to be seen but any network from any device. I have gone back and forth with Motion Computing as well as Meru and neither have any more ideas. Any and all settings relating to the adapter have been tried. All forms of powersave are disabled on these devices. There is a proprietary dashboard software that seems to overpower system settings, but even if that is uninstalled the problem persists. With intel/PROset uninstalled, they only stay connected for a minute or so. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. This is an ongoing problem i would like to have solved within the week.

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          To rootcause this problem, you need to first diagnose where the problem lies i.e. Client(laptop) or Access Point(AP)

          Have you tried connecting your laptop to another Access Point(not Meru brand) with similar security and tested if it remains connected with that AP for more then 5 hours?




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            What OS? Please try to upgrade to the latest driver driver/SW which might solve the issue you're facing.