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    audio issue


      My motherboard is D102GGC2...im using it 4m more dan 3 and half years...

      Suddenly some days( 2weeks ) b4 da audio 4m my headphones became noisy...so i chkd my headphones n dey r wrkng 5n

      i thought its a driver problm so i uninstalled n reinstalled drivrs again...prob nt yt solved

      aftr 2 days i obsrved somthng odd tat wen i start windows(XP SP2), initially da audio is good...n later on da noise gradually increases till der is nly noise

      So i formatted n reinstalled SP2...n da problm nt yt solved...wat am i supposed 2 do nw...some of my frnds told tat itz a problm of earthng...blah blah blah

      i dint tried dis earthng prob...evn i dnt knw hw to...bt i really need hlp......nt yet solved