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    RAID1 drive shows as "offline member" in Intel Matrix Storage Manager


      I have three hard drives, two connected in a RAID 1 array for drive C: and one as a data drive for D:

      Today I noticed that the Intel Matrix Storage Manager in Windows 7 showed one of the RAID drives as "failed".


      I have two problems:


      1) When I saw that the RAID had failed, tried to rebuild the array (from the Basic mode screen of the Intel Matrix Storage Manager in Windows) and all of a sudden my D: drive disappeared! It looks like the Intel software decided to use that drive instead of trying to recover the original drive, and erased the GB of data I had on it - WITHOUT CHECKING WITH ME!

      I am afraid to ask, but how do I undo this? At the very least, I want to restore it to being a D: drive and hope that I have a recent backup.


      2) More importantly, when I boot, one of the RAID drives is marked in the BIOS as "offline member". What can I do to fix this without loosing my data? I definitively don't have a full backup of my boot drive (just documents) and I don't want to reinstall OS and programs. The BIOS obviously sees the drive.


      This is frustrating--the very thing that is supposed to protect my data destroyed it (at least in the D: drive). I am very upset at Intel right now!


      FYI, Bios is running Intel Matrix Storage Manager ROM V5.6.2.1002 ICH7R wRAID5


      Thanks in advance,



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          I have no advice to offer as I have just experienced virtually the same thing: 2 drives (in RAID1, for me,) and a 3rd for data, one of the RAID drives went down and was listed as "Offline Member" in iMSM option ROM, and that (data) drive reassigned as the 2nd RAID drive,with no notification of which I know.   Now it appears that the data there is lost.  The only other significant difference is my version, which is v8.0.0.1039.


          I am anxious to read of any solutions, either from other users,or Intel.

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            I have simular problem with RAID-1 configuration reporting both members ofline.

            However in my case the OS (XP) is on a separated C: drive, and the data on the RAID-1 Volume marked in the OS as D: drive

            I won;t bother to reinstal the OS, but it will be useless since it's my guesss that it doesnt matter whats on the drives (Data or OS)

            because it's status in the BIOS is allready faulty, right!? So prior on that one!


            Options in the BIOS are:

            1. Create new RAID Volume

            2. Delete excisting RAID Volume

            3. Reset Disk to non-RAID

            4. Exit


            To figger out which drive is causing problems i disconnected one of the harddrives after eachother,  where after the BIOS reported

            one member available, and one missing (status degraded). The strange thing is this is a valid status!


            Putting the SATA interfafe in IDE modus, caused the system booting with two identical drives, still  containing all of my data intact.

            It seems the BIOS has lost or corrupted it's RAID Volume table, or something?

            Trying to recover using the BIOS options is warning for a loss of data.


            Anyone got an idea how to put my system back into RAID-1, without loosing my data?




            Mobo: MSI P45 NEO3-FR (PCB v1.0 BIOS: 1A latest)

            HDD: 2x Samsung HD501 SJ (2x 500GB containing data, 1x Maxtor 200GB contains the OS.

            CPU Intel E8400, RAM: 2GB, OS:  XP Pro SP3



            Thnx in advance!