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    Disable BBU Auto-Learn Mode on SRCSAS18E


      We have server with Intel raid controller SRCSAS18E.

      We want to disable auto-learn mode for BBU.


      In this document http://download.intel.com/support/motherboards/server/sb/e36092003_intelraidcontrollercommandlinetool2_user.pdf i found  following method:


      CmdTool2 –AdpBbuCmd –GetBbuStatus | -GetBbuCapacityInfo | -GetBbuDesignInfo |
      -GetBbuProperties | -BbuLearn | -BbuMfgSleep | -SetBbuProperties –f [filename]
      -SetBbuProperties: Sets the BBU properties on the selected controller(s) after reading from the file.


      Can somebody tell me what should be in this file ?