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    List of modifications to Linux


      Hi, I need a look in SCC's network driver and the Linux boot-up code. Where did I find the kernel patches? Does a "readme" exists which describes the modification to a "normal" linux?


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          By the way, sccMerge doesn't work. I got following error message:


          > sccMerge ./test.mt

          > Can't exec "gen_mem_img.pl": No such file or directory at /opt/sccKit/1.2.3/bin/sccMerge line 514.
          > Successfully created memory images...
          > Successfully created LUT configuration...


          > cat test.mt

          > #pid testcase
          > 0x24 test.obj


          I think that some scripts are missing...



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            sccMerge is capable of genrating several output formats. By default it also generates an image for our emulation system. As you want to use sccMerge for real silicon, you need to specify the -noimage option. A typical sccMerge command for a Rocky Lake platform would be:

            - sccMerge -noimage -m 8 -n 12 ./test.mt


            This command line specifies the available memory per MC (8GB) and tells sccMerge that we would like to assign 12 cores per MC.

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              Ah, I missunderstood the help message..