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    sleep/hibernate problem with express 965 board


      Hi everyone,


      I have a problem with my new (to me) desktop that's driving me up the wall. Basically, when I ask the system to standby or to hibernate, it appears to just shut down, so that pressing the power button just makes it boot up as usual. Sometimes it will appear to be booting up for a few seconds (fans start, etc) then shut down again, so that I need to press the power button again to boot it up.



      DG965WH board with E6300 (newest BIOS from site)

      8600 GTS video card

      IDE 250GB seagate HD

      LG DVD-RW

      Win XP Pro SP3 (fully updated with win update) .. one weird thing is that my install was in windows.0 directory due to double installation

      OCZ Platinum pc6400 1GBx2 RAM (note: 4-4-4 timing)


      What I've tried:

      -swapping out the power supply

      -swapping out/disabling the video card

      -swapping out the memory for a 533 Mhz (4-4-4 timing) 1GBx1

      -updating all peripheral and mobo drivers

      -finding drivers for Intel Quick Resume (couldn't find them)

      -enabling and disabling all the BIOS settings under "Power"


      Any suggestions? Right now I'm working on setting up a dual boot so I can try reinstalling XP with different installation disks without losing my current configuration. I've done a lot of internet searches, and no one seems to talk about this problem.


      Thank you!