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    restart problems


      hello all im new here and would realy appreciate any help as im stuck lol  recently purchased a motherboard and currently built a pc heres the details



      .psu-------------350w psu


      .memory---------2gb kingston memory

      .hdd-------------120gb maxtor ide hdd

      .dvd-------------panasonic dvd/cd drive ide

      .graphics--------onboard graphics

      monitor----------umc 15 inch lcd monitor


      operating system

      windows xp pro 


      heres what the problem is right then here goes. firstly i built the system up as u do got all the wires and jumpers in place. put the xp disc in and all was fine. once installed when the first reboot took place it shutdown and then came back on by the sound but the monitor said no signal. im not sure whether the hdd was running so after a while leaving it just incase it hanged before the monitor came on i eventualy turned off by holding power button until off. then i switched it back on and all was fine botted up and carryed on the last steps of installing xp. once it was all done i installed the all the latest drivers from intel. the rebooted and it did the same thing again. so every time i reboot/restart the power stays on but monitor goes off its like it cuts the signal going to monitor. and also sounds like the hdd isnt loading windows but it does spin???????? ive installed xp twice on this hdd and once on another hdd and im having the same problem. ive tryed without cd drive too so just the hdd this is realy annoying and sending me crazy becouse once up and running its fine any help would realy be apreciated excuse my rubbish typing and grammar lol     


        PC SPEC (specInfo)   

      CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R)CPU E5200@ 2.50GHz   

      MB: Intel (DG33BU)   

      RAM: 2020mb   

      HDD: 114gb (Maxtor 4R120L0)   

      GPU: Intel(R) G33/G31 Express Chipset Family   

      Sound: Realtek High Definition Audio   

      OS: Microsoft Windows XP (2600)   

      Scr:  Plug and Play Monitor