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    Clarkdale i5 661 iGPU GMA HD BUG/Artefact on Media Center 7




      Here is a bug I encounter with the Clarkdale i5 661 GPU and Media Center 7. It seems when graphic accelerated Media Center interface is used, some element is saved in memory and is kept in the right of the screen as a 1 pixel vertical line artefact that can be resolved in refreshing the UI, like reducing/reopening in full screen Media Center.


      You can see the issue here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1tWseA1nk0


      I don't have this issue with other graphic accelerated softwares like Arcsoft TotalMedia. It seems to be a bug only related with Intel iGPU HD drivers and Media Center. I don't have this with NVIDIA or ATI. I have of course all the last drivers, including intel GPU : All of this plugged on a Asus P7H57D-V EVO motherboard. I will post the bug to Microsoft too, but I think it's more a graphic drivers bug!


      Thanks for your lights or support!