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    My motherboard says I'm over the 95w TDP limit but...


      When I power on my computer, after the first screen, I get this message saying "The Max Power of the cpu is 95w".  Then it begins the countdown to shutting down.  I went on a little investigation to check the TDP of my P4 processor chip(it is 3.2 ghz), and it shows specs of 84-86w.  What gives?  I was able to bypass that message before my computer shutdown by pressing the F10 key for some reason.  My motherboard is a Biostar model 945GC-M4.  It's weird how it accepts DDR2 RAM, my highest is 667 mhz which is installed, and a 16x PCI-E, but it's only a 478 socket motherboard that has a 95w limit.  These things don't seem to balance out too well.  I only found out again about TDP after I made the purchase however.  I don't want to return it, because it's the only 478 mobo they had, and they charge a 20% restocking fee, so if I go to the other PC shop I had in mind, I have to pay $30, plus the risk of not having a DDR2 socket, although I do have a DDR RAM chip.  I still would have wasted $32 on a new DDR2 RAM chip, which I would have to resell at a lower value.  Also, I have a 600 watt power supply if that helps any.  Also if you guys could give me a hand on how to get front panel HD audio with a tower case that only has AC 97 connectors that would be great as well, thanks!