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    USB ports not working



           I need help badly. My desktop is hardly 9 months old & it has loads of issues. I have a DG31PR board. The problem started like this : When no USB devices were connected to the system I was still getting USB errors like " one of the USB device connected to the system has malfunctioned & cannot be used " & even I have USB 2.0 it used to say if  you connect the device to a USB to a usb 2.0 it will perform faster. Gradually the data transfer rate became very very slow & my keyboard & mouse used to freeze. So I disabled the USB in BIOS & when ever I had to use USB devices I used to enable it in BIOS though it used to continuously give that error & the data transfer rate was slow but still it used to work. Then one fine day all the USB ports stopped working. Now if I connect my pen drive or USB HDD the light glows but the system doesnt recognize it. only one port at the back detects the device but says the drivers are not installed properly so it cannot be used & shows as an unknown device in device manager.

      These are the troubleshooting steps I have done:

      1. uninstalled the USB root hubs from device manager & restarted the unit

      2. formatted the whole system & resinstalled OS ( tried both windows xp & 7. right now I have xp service pack 2)

      3. updated BIOS, graphics driver

      4. restored defaults in BIOS.

      5. unplugged all power sources from the system & kept for 30 mins

      I dont know what else to try. I feel the board is faulty. If you can suggest something it will be really helpful...

      Thanks in advance...