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    ICH9R RAID5 recovery - what does status "error detected (0)" mean?




      Yesterday I installed a well-known backup product to my previously-happy WinXP Pro (32bit) box (ICH9R mobo, single RAID 5 array of 3x 750GB Samsung SATA drives). Installation fine, built an "emergency boot CD" and tested to ensure it could indeed boot, and read RAID volume and external USB drive.  All well. Reboot back to Windows. After triggering the first backup job (snapshot entire volume to external USB drive) I returned to find that my PC had attempted to reboot but could no longer find Windows (uh-oh).  An attempted reboot confirmed C: drive is no longer bootable. Ctrl-I on bootup informed me that the RAID volume was unwell and would I like to recover it. I could see that two drives of the 3 total had "errors". Skip recovery. Continue into BIOS; I can see that the RAID volume is still recognised, one drive appears healthy, but two are marked as "error detected (0)".  What does that mean ?  Unlikely for two hard drives to simultaneously fail without warning ... conclude that the backup software has trashed my RAID array somehow. Check manufacturer's forum- yes, sometimes the latest version does this (WHAT ?!). Manufacturer's support unresponsive. Perhaps they are smart enough to stay out of my way right now.


      So :

      i) Any documented instructions for recovering the volume using ICH9R BIOS, given various failure scenarios ?

      ii) What will happen if I allow the BIOS to "recover" the array ?

      iii) Where might I find info on what the different status of the disks in the volume might mean ?

      -for example, what does "error detected (0)" mean ? Just a recoverable config problem ? Bad data on two drives ? Failed drives ?  

      iv)  How recoverable is this situation ?  I've never seen two drives on a 3-disk RAID5 volume go down before and I don't know next steps.


      Thanks for any help.