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    i5 750 - Processor temp & difference between Tjmax and Tcase

      Hi all,


      just a question regarding the CPU temperature for the i5 750.

      I am running it with the Intel boxed stock fan on an Asus P7P55D Mainboard since end of last year without any probs.


      Yesterday I started the Asus Probe tool to check the CPU temp - it aboout 42-244 C on Idle on 55-60 when starting

      I started prime95 to do a stress test, and after 20-30 seconds the CPU temp was at 70 C - so I stopped the stress test.


      I checked this page  and saw the line : TCASE 72.7°C

      When runnign different tools to check the CPU temp there are alo references to Tjmax that refer to a maximum of 99C.


      Can anyone explain me the differnece between these values in his own words? I am also not sure if the Asus tool is checking the Tjmax or the Tcase temp.

      And of course I am a bit concerned if the stress test I have done could have caused any harm to the CPU due to high temperatures (even if the 70 C temp was only for 2-3 seconds)