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    DX58SO and New BIOS 5417 and LAN Issue


      The LAN issue is still there, System Goes in Sleep mode and when it comes back the LAN icon in the tray has a RED X on it

      Have to reboot to get the LAN working again. I had to move back to 5200

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          I hear they that the current beta build(5432)has this problem fixed.. along with some other serious issues.To be honest, i am not happy with the bios updates, not happy at all in fact.Generally speaking - i always had countless issues with the updates, bios changing the clocks, PC not booting up at all etc etc etc intel should hide in shame if you ask me.If 5432 comes in with tons of problems again, then i'm selling this thing.

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            I made the same mistake of going to this version, same LAN issue.  BIOS on this board has been a mess since the 4598 release...


            Since your back on 5200, probably hasn't affected you, but I am also experiencing random reboots on this release.

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              I seriously don't know what to say anymore, just feel like ranting and hating on intel.I used to have some faith in them.. but it's been so long now and problems keep plaguing this board.


              Right now(5200)i can't put my PC in sleep at all, it just won't wake up, the fans will stay at 100% and i have to hard restart it.. on top of that - AFTER i restart i lose all the settings for my mouse(razer deathadder) which is pretty bizzare.My 920 is OCed at 3.5ghz at the moment, i had hell of a time overclocking, 9/10 times if one settings was a little off, the pc wouldn't start and i had to remove the cmos battery every single time.


              Seriously, nowdays intel sucks.. looks to me that they are not serious at all.

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                Interesting... that condition describes what was happening to me quite some time back.  If I went into S3 sleep, board would never come out... video card fan would run at 100% (rest of my fans run at fixed speeds that are manually controlled).  Strange part about that issue was that at the same time I could no longer flash the BIOS... if I tried machine would just reset.


                Resolution to that ended up being pulling out all of the memory and running on one stick... memory manufacturer RMA'd memory, but could not find anything wrong.


                While the overall quality of their BIOS releases for this board is very poor (it today's world it is probably off-shored/outsourced), at the same time hardware complexity has risen dramatically across the board... I've seen more failure rates of PC parts in the last year, then I have seen in total the 15 years before that..

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                  Indeed, you are right.


                  As for the mobo, well, i apologize for being so frustrated about it.. but hell, we payed tons of cash for it and i don't see any support, like we're left in the dark.And my case is exactly the same as yours, but my ram is perfectly fine as well(been testing the whole system for days).


                  Which bios version do you think is more 'stable' overall?I am not happy with 5200, but i should be grateful that i managed to overclock and all.. i'm afraid that i will go through hell again if i go back to some older ver. or even upgrade to a newer.I remember at some point that my PC wouldn't even start after removing the CMOS battery, must have gone and removed it more than 30 times that day.

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                    Well the board is running OK on 5200, however I do remember that I had to dance with the memory sticks too,

                    I have 4GB (2 Kingdton Hyper x), had to rmove one try, remove both etc. And I used to be a hardcore Intel loyal

                    customer going back to PII(SE440BX2), PIII. Wifes PC is running D975XBX2 is running great no issues what so ever.

                    Just recently their support and response when down the drain. I hope and wish that these guys get their Act together

                    otherwise I may have to switch too.....

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                      Guys ...

                      BIOS Version 5456 released 8/30 fixes this issue. I no longer have LAN issue, PC goes to sleep / wake up and LAN still works ..


                      Thanks Intel...



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                        Well 5456 fixes LAN issue, but apparently causes problems with RAID.  After 5417 I started experiencing random reboots... particularly  when playing video content... and for some reason my audio refuses to come up out of S3 sleep (have to reset output format twice to get it to output again).


                        4405 was the last "stable" release for me... every since then there has been one problem or another (particularly that the default clocks run the processor outside of spec).  As a last ditch i'm going to replace my video card... it is the only component in the system that is running outside specifications that I originally required for this system (it runs over 70C).  Everything else in the system has been throughly tested, and exceeds all specifications required by Intel.


                        If that doesn't work, I guess i'll just swap the board.

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                          Actually, the DX58SO is not the only desktop board in which setting defaults results in the CPU BCLK being set to 135MHz instead of 133MHz. I noticed this with Gigabyte and Asus motherboards, as well (in particular, the BIOS said 133MHz but CPU-Z says 135MHz). If I wanted 133MHz on those motherboards, I would have had to manually lock the BCLK to 133MHz.


                          Anyway, I did not update the DX58SO's BIOS version past 5200 (which I found to be the best BIOS version among the later BIOSes). I found a bug with 4405 in that it reports an incorrect amount of L3 cache (a much smaller amount than what the processor really has).