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    Problem with RAID 5 on Intel ICH9R

      To start, here is the system description... I have a WinXP box:


      - Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz
      - Gigabyte GP-P35-DS3P Rev 1.1 Motherboard w/ integrated drive contoller (Intel ICH9R SATA Controller)
      - Antec 380W PS
      - 1 GB RAM
      - 3 x Samsung HD501LJ 7200 RPM SATA 3.0 Gb/s drives in a RAID 5


      System working fine for three years without problem as a house file/media server. Running 24/7, tucked away in an out of the way location.


      Recently, systems slowed way down. HD is constantly grinding away with a clicking sound. Suspect a HD crash is imenent.


      I extracted each of the three drives from the "bad" computer and placed them into a good computer and tested them with HD Tune. With the exception of a few bad clusters, all three drives tested fine and I could not hear anything unusual.


      I placed all three drives back into the "bad" computer and tried to boot. I was very careful to place each drive back into its same locaction, attached to the same SATA port as it had originally been located.


      However, now when I boot, only Drive 0 is recognized as part of the array. Drives 1 & 2 are not part of the array and the array status shows as "Failed."


      1) How do I get Drives 1 & 2 back into the array without losing data?


      2) Assuming a drive has failed, how do I rebuild the array with a new disk?


      Using the SATA Bios, there are only three options: 1) Create new array; 2) Delete array and 3) Reset disks to non-RAID. I don't see any diagnostics or other utilities.


      I hope someone can assist with this,


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          Does anyone have any thoughts on this?



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            Hello there.


            The problem with this type of complexity (RAID) is when it goes wrong, it is difficult to fix it without the proper tools.

            The Storage Matrix software will allow you to correct the drive array; ironically it is only available in Windows.

            What you need to do is to acquire (borrow) another hard disk and install Windows on it, basic install will suffice.

            Install all the Intel drivers and tools.

            Connect your drive array and start Intel Storage Matrix (or whatever it is called exactly).

            Now you will be able to see the drive array with a red X against the drives it believes to be compromised.

            You will be able to reset the error status and the array should now be complete again.

            If you can see the contents, you should be able to shutdown, remove borrowed drive #4 and boot in your array.


            I had the same problem running Raid 0 in ICH9R.

            Could not fix it or find any way until after I built a new install on separate disk then plugged in the array to format and re-use.

            That's when I saw the error flags, reset them and it all appeared.


            Hope this resolves your situation too.