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    How do I convert from RAID 1 to RAID 0?

      I have an intel ICH8R/ICH9R SATA RAID controller. My PC came from Dell with 2 250GB hard drives configured for RAID 1(Mirroring). I have since bought an external harddrive for backup and now would rather have my drives configured for RAID 0(striping) for the extra hard drive space and performance. Unfortunately I have had the computer for several years so I can't get support from Dell now without paying.


      I first backed up my data and tried using the matrix storage tool to "Modify Volume" to convert from RAID 1 to RAID 0. The program said it converted and the volume shows in the intel software now as RAID 0 instead of raid 1 however the size of the volume is unchanged. I then tried to delete the volume so I could just create a fresh RAID 0 volume but I got a message that I could not delete the volume because it is a system volume. Anyone know how to fix this?

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          Did you have any luck?


          The machine I purchased recently had RAID1 but I wanted RAID0.

          So I backed up all my data and used the Intel Rapid Storage
          Technology tool to reorganise the drives as a RAID 0 set (this involved
          creating a partition and formatting one of the drives).


          The Rapid Storage Tool seems to be saying that it has a 500+ G RAID0 but

          Windows Explorer doesn't. And I don' t know how to interpret what Acronis

          is saying (see attached images).





          Is what I have done correct or is there something else I must do?




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            Follow up. I rebooted and entered the boot level intel raid setup menu via ctrl-I.

            It says I am configured as RAID0 (wonder what it originally said) and have 550G+

            of disk space available. But Windows Explorer and Acronis say 279G. Hmmm...

            who is right? What is the relationship of the boot level software and the Windows level Intel

            Rapid Storage Technology tool?

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              Can anyone help me be assured that I have, in operation, a true RAID0 configuration?