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    How to disable PS/2 Keyboard Port

      Hi all,


      My board DG31PR PS/2 Keyboard Port cannot be connected well with the Keyboard connecter ( the connector and keyboard is in good condition).

      This cause the window cannot startup with the error  "internal power problem". in the case below.

      - no keyboard connected to the PS/2 Port

      - keyboard connected to the PS/2 Port but the keyboard no any respond.


      Anotherword is...the window only can start up when the keyboard is connected to PS/2 port and the keyboard can be used in function (in fact..i need to hold up the connector all the time for the good connection.


      And now I would like to try to disable the PS/2 port and using USB keyboard to instead...but i cannot find this option in the bios setup menu...

      Anybody help?? I know I can take the board to fix.but I don't want to wait in the long maintenance time...


      Many thanks