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      I just have a question as to whether my motherboard will support a processor.

      Currently, i'm running an intel Pentium D processor on the D975XBX motherboard. Since the processor is showing it's age, i'm thinking of upgrading.

      So, the pentium D processor uses an LGA775 socket, and so do the Core 2 Duo and Quad processors. However, the intel website does not list the core 2 quad as a supported processor for this motherboard. But since they use the same socket, could the be an error on the website?

      I'm asking this question because i could not find any information that states the processor will work, but i also haven't found any information that says it won't.


      Thanks in advance!


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          Theoretically it may work, but the important thing is whethjer the motherboard BIOS will recognise the CPU, as in if teh BIOS has teh microcode for teh specific CPU. your best bet would be to check what date teh last BIOS for your board is and use a CPU that was released before that BIOS. the only way for sure is to test.