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    PRO/100 VE ....wireless?


      I am trying to make one of the office computers connect to our wireless network.

      the only network adaptor it has is an INTEL PRO/100 VE.     This computer is only two years old and I thought they all came with wireless adaptors.


      When I try to connect to the DLink I get the following message: This computer does not have a wireless network adaptor installed and configured.


      Does the PRO/100 VE have wireless capabilties?

      Do I need to buy a wireless adaptor?

      If so...what kind?



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          The Intel(R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection is a wired Ethernet connection.


          I cannot recommend a particular wireless adapter. You will want to make sure your wireless adapter is compatible with your wireless network and that the adapter is compatible with a slot in your computer.

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