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    Looking for Core i7-865k Information




      I'm spec'ing out a new system and I'm looking for information on the Core i7-865k processor. I can't find any reference to this processor on Intel's public web site.  So here are some questions.


      Is this processor currently available?


      If so, what is the Box/OEM order code?


      Is it available by qty 1?


      Is it an LGA 1156 like the other core i7s?


      Where can I find the specifications?


      Is it currently support by major (LGA 1156?) motherboards?


      Does anyone have one now? (reliability/availability/aupport anecdotes welcome)


      Any assistance welcome.





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          There is no production Core i7-865K processor. Are you sure you that the processor number is correct? If it's a quad-core Core i7 CPU running at 2.93 GHz with unlocked core multiplier then it's a Core i7-875K.



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            I came accoss a reference to the 865k in a review. It is supposed to be an unlocked 860. And it's supposed to be cheaper than the 860 in order to compete performance+price wise with the 1055T. In that role it isn't surprising that it's barely homologated and perhaps impossible to actually obtain. Or perhaps it's a combination of typos in both price and part number. Another possiblity is that it's confusion between the i5-650 and i5-655k. Unfortunately I can't seem to find the link to the orginal review.

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              The i7 860 overall is faster then the X6 1090T and the i7 870 has now matched the price of the i7 860 now so that looks a good buy.


              Don't get the i5-650 or i5-655k they are Dual Core with Integrated Graphics the i5 750 or new i5 760 which is cheaper and faster are a better buy.