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    Question from Dummy: i7 720QM vs i5 520M


      Would just like to know which is better, cost does not really matter but in terms of performance speeds etc. Please go into clear detail.


      Many thanks

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          Which processor is "better" kind of depends upon what you expect from your laptop. There is a web site you can use to review and compare the features & specs of these two processors side-by-side. Please see the link: http://ark.intel.com/Compare.aspx?ids=47341,43122.


          In general, here are some ways you might differentiate the two processors you are trying to compare.


          First off the Intel Core i5-520M processor is intended for systems with integrated graphics. The CPU and graphics controller share the same package. The Intel Core i7-720QM, on the other hand, is intended for systems with discrete graphics. If you are using graphics-intensive applications, then it is up to you whether integrated or discrete graphics will meet your needs.


          Next is the number of cores & threads and cache memory size each processor features. The Core i7-720QM has double the cores, threads, and cache size of the i5-520M, which means the Core i7-720QM should provide more performance. The trade off is that the i7-720QM (45W) requires more power than does the i5-520M (35W), so you may get better battery life with an i5-520M based system.


          Please note though that battery life and performance are relative and are really dependant upon how a given system manufacturer optimizes their systems, so battery life and performance may vary between laptop vendors even when using the same processor.



          Processor Numberi5-520Mi7-720QM
          # of Cores24
          # of Threads48
          Clock Speed2.4 GHz1.6 GHz
          Max Turbo Frequency2.933 GHz2.8 GHz
          Cache3 MB Intel® Smart Cache6 MB Intel® Smart Cache



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