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    fan and processor removal


      is there a video somewhere showing how to detach this fan, or some description how-to? After unlatching the 2 white levers, it does not seem ready to remove

      processor 001.jpg

      also a video or description how to manipulate the pins to remove the processor unit from the mb. the way those black tabs are surrounding the white pin, its seems the pin needs to be pushed further, but there is no way to do that.

      processor 005.jpg

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          That HSF is secured by the 2 levers, the thermal grease may be hard to pry loose.


          Are you upgrading the CPU?

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            I have 2 D865GLC mb's, one with 2.6 processor and other with 3.4, I might have to switch processors, which I imagine would be the 4 tabs that go through the mb, but I also want to know how to remove/replace the fan if necessary. After popping the white levers the unit seems kinda loose, it has wiggle room, but feels like something else really needs to be released before the fan will come off. of course I don't want to break it. I read its best to run for a while, get the thermal glue soft and then twist off. however, with the levers popped up it still feels like a one piece structure, if I twist hard enuf it will rip the pegs right out as it shatters the mb :-(

            the way the 4 tabs are thru the mb, it looks like a one way pop in place, not to be removed but that can't be right? there might be an instance like mine where you want to switch processors.

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              You better off just swapping boards if they are both the same. Intel CPU fans are a nuisance to change.


              There are 4 pins through the board that need to be squeezed, not an easy task.

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                yah, not the answer I was hoping for, but thanks anyway

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                  Found this link that gives instructions on installation/removal of processor and fan. Just click the underlined word.


                  The link is pointed out in the userguide of the motherboard.


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                    The image in your post reminds me of the Pentium IV CPU, been a while since I use one of them.

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                      That's what Intel's website gives for D865GLC motherboard userguide. That link is given in userguide02.


                      Note: Sorry it is not userguide but productguide. Yes the processor for the motherboard can be a P4 or Celeron.

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                        thanks for the link, that helps a lot. basically there is the plastic bracket assembly, to mount the fan, that is held on by the 4 pins coming thru the mb.

                        My guess is that almost never gets removed. The link talked a lot about the socket protective cover, I didn't see that, unless that is plate that the thermal

                        goo is on. seems weird that it would even have a removeable cover like that, why not just seal it up with a permanent case? but no matter, I see now how I

                        can transfer the processer. still need to figure how the fan comes off the processer in the original post pic. the fan came off the 2.6 processor no prob, the

                        thermal goo there was like a white grease. its a different design with 2 metal levers, sort of 'U' shaped, once I popped the levers, that fan lifted right out, exposing the processor