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    Computer restarts repeatedly

            Everytime i start my system windows 7 loads and then system freezes and restarts..tis process in repeated. i
      tried to enter BIOS and set to default settings and start system, system works fine then..my problem is
      everytime i want to use system i need to go BIOS and set to default usinf F9..i think problem is in my hardware
      part..i'm sure no virus since i use kaspersky updated daily,pls help me to solve the problem.
      My config.
      Intel DG43GT motherboard,
      Core2duo 2.93GHz,
      Kingston 2 * 2Gb 800Mhz RAM
      Seagate 500 GB hardisk,
      XFX nvidia 9500GT graphic card,
      powersupply came wit cabinet Zebronics 450W