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    X25-M 160 G2 - Raid-0 Slow?


      Got 2 new X25-m 160GB G2's new, installed them on Dell SAS 5iR in Raid-0
      Not sure whats going on though, I suspect the SAS 5iR card and/or stripe size is causing the slowness

      Raid-0 64kb strip (not sure if there is an option to change this)

      2 benchmarks

      First - Immediately taken after first boot - This is what I was expecting to be the norm.


      Second - Taken next day, only real change was a couple installs -- This is what I get now as the norm

      Any opinions? How could performance drop in the course of a day? I don't know what the heck is going on here.

      I know the speeds are way under par. If I can't change the stripe size  using the SAS card, what RAID card should I get? I would like to keep  the raid-0 even (I am aware of the Trim dilema here)

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          Hello, regarding the performance issue that you are experimenting right now, unfortunately we do not have any recommendation so far regarding the trim issue using RAID so far because this is a hardware limitation within the chipset.

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            It took 2 months for that reply --lol

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              Hello... can't really say what is going on here, maybe your system is not quite as fast as mine, but my two X25M's in RAID0 are performing very well. I can show you a shot of today's CDM run and one from July of this year. You can see there is little to no degrading of drives to speak of. (get latest version of CDM... 3.0 I believe).


                                            7-27-10 (X25M X2)

              X25Mx2 7-27-10.jpg

                                           10-6-10  (X25M X2)

              X25Mx2 10-6-10.jpg

              I am running RAID0 on an EVGA X58 Classified board, Core i7 @ 3.8GHz, two GTX 460 SLi, 10gb RAM on Win7 Pro x64. I can say on a fresh install the first thing to do is download and install your Chipset drivers (latest version) and latest Intel RST software (enable write-back cache.... important for SSD's, also disable Windows Defrag).


              Also, try browsing the OCZ SSD forum (I know, they are not Intels) but very useful info and many guides are found there concerning SSD's in general. I found them very helpful.




              Best luck.

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                I ended up getting a a LSI 9260- 8-i, seems the older integrated raid card wasnt really performing as expected


                Intel X25-m 160 R0 - Left

                WD Raptop 150 10k R0 - Right


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                  It is great to see your performance has increased. I myself had the LSI 9260-4i, but sent it back. I learned a hardware RAID card is not necessary for only 2 drives. You will only realize true performance of the card with 4 or more drives. The Intel onboard RAID (ICH10) is more than capable when only using 2 drives. Are you planning on purchasing more drives in the future? These X25M drives are certainly the way to go. I have thrown a lot at these drives and they are rock solid.