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    Matrix Storage




      I have a home server with a Asus P5QL-E board using a Raid 1 for the System and a Raid 5 for the data.

      Recently after a reboot(no failure or freeze) Windows didn't start and the both Raid 1 disks had the error Member offline. After I removed the Raid both disks where stated as normal without errors!?

      But how do I recreate the Raid 1 without loosing them? The ctrl+i version tells me I will loose everything and the ISM 8.9 tells me I can't create a Raid from an existing disk because the secound one is smaller(both have the same size)


      Well I coud make a image, create the raid and restore but I would rather solve this problem in case it occures again.

      Can anyone help me?


      Thanks in advance.