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    RAID 5 Failed on ICH10R Matrix Manager ROM v8.




      I have here a PC from a friend with a Raid5 over 3 TB Disks. The Disk on Port 2 a Samsung HD103UJ has the status Error Occured(0). The Raid has a Level RAID5(Parity) and the Status Failed.


      I ordered the same Disk again, but I'm a bit afraid that the status is Failed and not Degraded. Will I be able to save her data? What do I have to do beside exchanging the broken Disk?


      BR MArtin

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          When the RAID status is failed, the RAID structure is lost, this means that the RAID cant be rebuilt.


          Sometimes when you update your version of the Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager or the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology the hard drives are detected again and sometimes the status of the array changes from failed to degraded. This usually does not happen, but you may try it.


          You can go ahead and install the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology 9.6, you can find it at the following web site:





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            My Problem is that the System is Running on the Raid5. So is there a way how I could Update to the new drivers? Is there a bootable Version?  And I thought if you build up a Raid 5 it's safe against dataloss if one drive failes?


            I have in the meantime an idea. Windows was hanging after a update, so she booted. Then normally the Software rearanges the RAID. In that time she rebooted again and then a disk failed. Could this explain the failure?


            Could RAID Reconstructor V4.03 from www.runtime.org help in this case?


            BR MArtin


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              Hi just for other people rading this post.


              I attachet the 3 drives to another computer to make a image with the above mentioned software, but when I was booting he recoginiced a degraded Raid. So all what I had to do was remove the broken disk and add a new one. Now it is in rebuilding phase, and when finished I will change it to the other computer again.

              There was also Intel Matrix Storage Driver installed, I don't know if this would work also with a Hardware Adapter.


              BR MArtin