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    D510MO dead after first reboot




      Serious mystery on my new D510MO motherboard. At the first boot up, everything went fine, but after installing os (windows 7 x64) and reboot, the system has gone. After i power-on the supply, power-led lights up; after pressing mobo's power-on, power supply fan remains still, cpu/heatsink chip next to it totally cold, only the winbond chip next to the com ports warming up to skin temperature. No bios, not even startup logo/screen appears.

      I wonder if anybody seen this phenomena or can suggest any solution to get over this problem.


      the set up : power supply 300W, RAM 2x1 GB kingston (also tried with replacement), keyboard usb (also tried with ps/2), HDD 2,5" WD320 sata (also tried with 160GB, pendrive), monitor LG 14 (also tried with other)

      Your help would be really much appreciated.