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    Remotely cold booting a vPro using KVM resolves network to half-duplex


      Cold boots remotely using the vPro KVM and VNC Plus keeps the network adapter at half-duplex (10.0 Mbps) on a gigabit adapter. Subsequent reboots do not correct this issue and stays at half-duplex.


      However, performing a remote reboot with VNC Plus disconnected momentarily during the reboot process DOES put the network back on 100.0 Mbps (on a 100 Mbps network). Subsequent reboots when the network is resolving correctly at 100.0 Mbps will stay at the correct speed. (I have not yet checked a gigabit connection). The problem arises again when the machine is powered off and back on.



      VNC Plus

      DQ57TM (BIOS 86A)

      Windows 7 x64 Korean



      Brian Lee