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    Remote cold boots keep network on half-duplex with vPro KVM


      Cold boots remotely using the vPro KVM and VNC Plus keeps the network adapter at half-duplex (10.0 Mbps) on a gigabit adapter. Subsequent reboots do not correct this issue and stays at half-duplex.


      However, performing a remote reboot with VNC Plus disconnected momentarily during the reboot process DOES put the network back on 100.0 Mbps (on a 100 Mbps network). Subsequent reboots when the network is resolving correctly at 100.0 Mbps will stay at the correct speed. (I have not yet checked a gigabit connection). The problem arises again when the machine is powered off and back on.



      VNC Plus

      DQ57TM (BIOS 86A)

      Windows 7 x64 Korean



      Brian Lee

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          This is by design. When the system is off, AMT uses 10M network speed to save power. Also, when SOL, IDER, and/or KVM are connected, the network speed can not be renegotiated. If the speed was allowed to renegotiate, the link is momentarily lost, which would cause SOL, IDER, and/or KVM connections to drop.


          So, if network speed is important, the best BKM is to wake the system up before establishing SOL, IDEr, or KVM. If you want to automake the "wake it up first" step, one option is to use remote_control_util and a vbscript or batch file.