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    Help with SATA EXPANDER!


      Need some help. I have two AXX6DRV3GEXP's and I can't upgrade the firmware because I don't have an Intel board with a HSBP port. Both my Intel SC5299-E Chassis have Intel S3000AH boards in them. I've been having problems with the SATA expanders for years and I've finally found out that it's bugs in the darn old firmware thats causing all the problems! I need to get both expanders upgraded but I have no way to do it unless I buy a S5000 board or from what I've read it's also possible to upgrade via the S3200SH board.


      Is there anyone in the Toronto area with a S5000VSL or other compatible Intel board that can help me upgrade my expanders??? Please HELP! I need these servers up ASAP! Email me at: kris.jankiewicz (at) mit-world.com


      Thanks in advance!