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    SR1550AL/S5000PALR Won't Post (SOLVED)


      This is a continuation of a previous discussion with the same title marked as "Answered".  Hmmm - not quite.  Long story short, my sr1550al power supply is @^%$#!!  Specifically, I applied a real nice Ultra Power Supply Tester to the 24-pin main lead and the 8-pin peocessor lead.  Here are the results:

      24-PIN MAIN LEAD

      +12v good

      +5vsb good

      -12v test light flickers (unstable voltage output??)

      no other output



      NADA, Nothing...dead


      On a supposedly new chassis?  BUMMER!!


      No juice to the E5410...no wonder there are no POST beep codes or diagnostic LEDs.


      OK, so is the problem with the power supply itself or the Power Distribution Module??  Any slick way to find out?


      Thanks for your consideration.