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    DH55HC cannot activate xp pro OEM


      Hi I am a system Builder . My new Intel board is DH55HC , Bios Version is TCIBX10H.86A.0027.2009.1119.1517 . I USE i5-750 CPU . I can successfully XP PRO OEM version . After install all the driver I can go internet , I can intstall all the software that come with intel driver disk .even I can install the antivirus program come with the CD . But when I tried to activate on line for windows xp , Microsoft said invalid number . I tried a few different version which is suggested by microsoft but unsuccessful . They don't what to do . But end up I change the Asus mother board with Q6600 CPU and it all going well with activation with the same xp and product key . I belive some setting in the BIOS must change . Anybody have the same problem please let me know .

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          It sounds like you had installed on the Asus board first and then tried to move the OS to the DH55HC.  That is not permitted using OEM software so Microsoft must not have understood you.  If you had installed another OS on the Asus board and then restored the XP, that may not have been allowed as well.