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    Problem with  D945GCLF2 and ps/2 trackball on rackmount monitor/KVM

      I have a 945 intel atom motherboard and my ps/2 based rackmount monitor keyboard trackball will NOT work properly. The keyboard always works no problem but when I try to use the trackball on my LCD rackmount monitor, the mouse jumps all over the screen and windows pop up randomly as if you are clicking the left and right mouse buttons. This is the strangest things and i can't seem to correct the problem. If I use a USB to ps2 adapter, the mouse will work initially, but after a reboot it does the same thing. I can use regular ps2 mice with no problem, regular mouse in the usb to ps2 adapter no problem. This is working fine with my other intel motherboards and my Shuttle PCs and there are no issues. I thought it might be the KVM I am using but that does not seem to be the problem either because it behaves the same if the trackball is connected right to the Motherboard. I have updated drivers, the BIOS and nothing. I really need this fixed and this is really anoying that this singe PC in the rack needs its own mouse. Someone please help!