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    Intel Core i7-920XM w/16GB DDR3?


      I'm looking into the Lenovo W510 w/the Intel Core i7-920XM and 16GB DDR3 but the specs for the processor say it only supports 8GB RAM...Is this true?


      And if it only support 8GB, why would Lenovo sell it with the option for 16GB?

      i7-920XM Specs: http://ark.intel.com/Product.aspx?id=43126

      Memory Specifications
      Max Memory Size
      (dependent on memory type)
      8 GB
      Memory TypesDDR3-1066/1333
      # of Memory Channels2
      Max Memory Bandwidth21 GB/s
      Physical Address Extensions36-bit


      Is there any benefit from adding 16GB RAM?

      (I'm planning on using the machine with VMware Workstation)

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          The Intel Core i7-920XM indeed will only support up to 8gb of memory, the desktop board version of the Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 Processors are the one that will support up to 16GB of memory. I do recommend to contact Lenovo and double check with the why they are offering a system with 16 Gb eventhough the processor will only support 8Gb of memory