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    help with OpenGL graphics media acelerator

      i get this pc beggining the year, is a vaio VGN-N230E, i play WorldOfWarcraft and while playing 3D games i had the black screen and the igfx driver stopped working and has being recovered, i installed the actualization and i played perfectly this past 7 months, but then i reupdate all the windows last week, and the one of these driver failed and had again the black screen so i made again all the update process for the driver, but now my game is failing and disconecting, I realized that now i have a panel for move 3D options, so i want to know if u can tell me if i can adjust in the 3D settings the values in the attributes so i can have again the best performance, those are in this page: http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/cs-030506.htm, so please if anyone can help me ill appreciate it ^^