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    CPU issue ( only at half of its power)


      It used to run at its full capacity but for some reason a few months ago it started dropping. At first I thought maybe some viruses have infested my PC or maybe my drivers were outdated, I even cleaned all of the dust inside the PC. Turns out that wasn't the case as you can see from the pictures below my CPU is running at 1.6GHz instead of 2.3GHz.

      I know at some point I had 2.3ghz because back when Modern Warfare 2 I could run it at max settings and have a good frame rate now even if I put it at medium settings I get a very low frame rate.


      My motherboard is asus P5LD2-X/1333

      PS: After this post I tried reseting the bios and disabling the speedstep and C1E. But that only made the speed stay at 1.86ghz.