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    problem of the Kernels of CPUs, ...


      The engineer of Intel solution center, hello!

      Here, now, I’d needed some help of yours. It’s ‘cause I’d bought a Workstation at size of Z800, for the firth time, it’s not enough money that I have, so, I’d bought only ONE processor of Intel® Xeon® E5530, I’d read the introduction of this processor on www.intel.com, that show me that’s a 4-cores with 8-threads Central Processing Unit, and I could found four Graph on the Windows task Manager.

      A week before, I’d need to do some, any plenty of computing, so, I’d thought that I need one more Processor, then, I’d get one more, and paid $595, the problem was begun, what ever the Windows XP professional version, or the Windows XP x64 version, even the Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit version, there was no ONE of Operating Systems of Microsoft, or no ONE of Programs, could to recognize and display the multi processors, I do NOT understand what had happened? L