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    DH55HC USB ports don't work


      Hi all,


      I've got a brand new DH55HC motherboard. Everything works fine, except for the two USB ports next to the PS/2 port. I booted the machine with the keyboard plugged in, but it gave me an error saying that there's no keyboard found. I tried the ports on the front panel. They worked and I installed Windows 7 succesfully. After that I tried plugging in the mouse, keyboard and USB stick to those two ports, but nothing worked. At first I thought there's something wrong in the BIOS settings, but couldn't find anything. Any ideas? Or should I just ask for a replacement?

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          Please confirm if any of the other ports on the back of the motherboard are working. Furthermore, test the system out of the chassis, placed on a non-conductive surface like a newspaper, a magazine or something similar, clear the CMOS removing the CMOS battery and all power cables from the power supply to the motherboard, leaving the system without power for 20 minutes at least, disconnect the USB front panel you have connected to the motherboard, after that place back the power connections from the power supply and try a BIOS update.


          Check if there is any excalamtion marks on the Device Manager. Check if the USB ports work in the operating system running it under safe mode too.

          And try again into the system BIOS.


          Be sure to use only corded keyboard and mouse devices in order to troubleshoot this.

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            Thank you for the answer. I did as you suggested, unfortunately it didn't help.


            All the ports on the back are fine, except for the PS/2 and the 2 USB ports next to it (all three of those ports ar in one block mounted on the motherboard). There are no exclamation marks on the Device Manager. The warning I get about missing keyboard appears before the OS loaded right after the BIOS screen with the Intel logo. I used corded keyboard.

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              If you confirm that after the BIOS update and the other recommendations, and testing without the USB front panel connected, some of the rear USB ports, are still not working, you may need to check with your place of purchase for a replacement.

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                I've this same issue but it's intermittent. Is there any resolution?