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    Fans running at high RPM for seemingly no reason


      Sony Vaio Desktop VGC-JS320


      E 5300 dual core processor


      The fans on my desktop are loud and running at a high RPM for seemingly no reason.


      Here is the history of the problem.


      Initially, when I booted the computer, the fan RPMs were at about 2200 RPM. After about 3 hours the RPM were at 3,800 but the temperature of the cores remain at 36 and 38.


      I don't do anything that taxes the processor. Just surfing the internet, streaming radio, playing Majong Titans (Windows 7 game, little graphics) and using Microsoft Word.


      I sent my computer back to Sony. They replaced the fan. The problem has become worse.


      Now within an hour the RPMs are up to about 3,800.



      Sony locks the BIOS on the computers.  I have no access to Speed Step or setting the fan RPMS.



      I downloaded SpeedFan, but when I click on "Configure" and "Fans" there are no fans listed.


      I am using HWMonitor to obtain the fan readings.


      In Windows, 7, I am using the "Balanced" power plan.


      I put the computer in sleep mode for 5 seconds. After it comes out of sleep mode, the fans slow down to 2,200 and remain steady for a few hours.

      Is this a BIOS issue? A hardware issue? A Windows 7 issue?


      The computer has an E5300 dual core processor. Definitely not high end. Could the processor really be that lame that it can't handle streaming a radio station or a simple game like Majong Titans? It makes sense that could be the problem, but logically the processor should be able to handle those simple tasks.