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    truble with board DP35DP

      A few days ago I downloaded a last BIOS driver for intel DP35DP board. I launched the driver and after a few minuts I saw a message window and it tells me that I must to restart a Windows to apply changes. And I did it, pushed "Yes" button, so the Windows was shutted down and didn't load any more. I can hear the sound of cooler and the sound of Video card, it means that the computer is ON, but on the screen there is nothing except black window, I mean even BIOS didn't loaded. How can that happen and what should I do right now. It is able to recover the board or it is the end and I should take a new one? And one more thing, when I replace a BIOS jumper to a design mode I get into BIOS, set the default configuration, after that tryed to restart system in normal mode and there are no differences, still a black window and nothing else