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    Windows 7 driver install problems


      I have several Windows 7 systems with Intel Pro/1000 MT network adapters installed. Windows 7 installs on these computers with this LAN adapter, but a Microsoft driver is installed. I am trying to install the latest Intel drivers, and according to the Intel web site, PROWin32.exe includes Windows 7 drivers that support the Pro/1000 MT. But when I run that, no driver is installed, and the following message is displayed:


      | Intel(R) Network Connections Installer Information

      | Cannot install drivers. No Intel(R) Adapters are present in this computer.


      If I run the "Intel® Driver Update Utility" (at http://www.intel.com/support/network/detect.htm), I am told that the current installed driver is version, and that I can download When I do so, it downloads a file name "PRO2K.exe" which does not run on Windows 7, displaying the following error message:


      | This package is not supported on this platform or operating system.


      which is of course true, since that file is for Windows 2000 (I have dozens of copies of it already on various file servers, so the Driver Update Utility misdirected me).


      So ... questions:


      1. Is the Pro/1000 MT supported by Intel under Windows 7 or not?

      2. Where can I find the driver or an install package that will work?

      3. Is the failure to recognize the adapter and install the latest driver by PROWin32.exe a bug that I need to report to someone? If so, how?




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          Intel does not have a driver or software for your adapter in Windows 7, which is why the prowin32.exe package you downloaded cannot find your adapter. The driver that came with Windows 7 is the only driver for that adapter in Windows 7.


          Is my Intel® Ethernet Adapter supported in Microsoft Windows 7*? has the information.


          You reported that the  Intel® Device Update Utility had you download an old Windows 2000 software package. Can you tell me the vendor, device id, subvendor, and subdevice id information from Windows device manager for your adapter? I can use that information to troubleshoot what went wrong and get it fixed. Thanks.

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            Windows 7 Device manager Intel(R) PRO/1000 MT Desktop Adapter Properties reports the following under Details:


            Hardware Ids:







            Compatible Ids: