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    display driver stopped working?


      Hello all:


      I feel like this is a question that has been asked many times, but the solutions there posted are a little too technical for me to understand, so I ask it again.


      I bought an Acer A4820T laptop two weeks ago, Intel(R) HD Graphics on i3, with 1.7 GB of video RAM and 4.0 pixel shader, and started playing Assassin's Creed II on it. It worked fine for the past two weeks, then today I suddenly ran across the "Display driver stopped working and has recovered" problem. When I start the game, the game minimizes, then re-maximizes, then continues repeating this. I'm not sure what happened to cause this problem.


      Other less demanding games work, so I'm not sure what is going on. Please help me so I could fix this problem.


      Thanks for replies in advance.