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    no post. no boot .no video after bios update on my dg43nb


      hey guys! am new to this forum.. can u help me out?? Ok the problem is that recently i was having a slow boot and sometimes the the would restart at the bios. So i thought of updating my bios. I did that via pen drive. After the bios update was done(i thnik i was) i turned off my pc, moved the jumper form normal to configure mode, then I saved settings, turned off the rig... set the jumper back to normal, then I turned the pc on and there it was!! no video, no POST messages.. NOTHING!! i did the bios recovery thing that intel told me and it didnt work.. i check my monitor and ram, cpu etc but everything is fine.. i think my bios is corrupt or something. My fans and lights are working fine. Sooooo.. my question is that is there a way to revive my dead motherboard? can intel do it for me?? i have 2 years of warranty left.. plzzz help.. i am counting on you guys..


      Btw here my specs

      cpu: q9400 @ 2.66Ghz, 6mb cache.

      mobo: dg43nb

      ram: kingston 2 gb 800 mhz

      hard disk: maxtor

      (thats all i can think of right now)