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    Intel Rapid Storage - Unable to add new disk to raid5 array


      I have created a raid 5 array on my ICH10R controller.

      That went fine. But I'd like to add another 1TB disk to my array.


      The documentation states that you simply have to select the new disk and click "add disk"


      1.    Under 'Status' or 'Manage', in the storage system view, click the array to which you want to add a disk. The element properties are now displayed on the left.
      2.    Click 'Add disk'.
      3.    Select the disk you want to use to increase the array capacity.
      4.    Click 'Add Disk'.
      5.    Restart your computer for changes to take effect, and then use Windows Disk Management* to increase the partition size on the volumes for which a disk was added, or add another partition.


      The problem is: I can only see the following things when I click the new 1TB disk:


      Activate port Led

      Mark as Spare

      And some drive information.

      Everything is normal.


      And when clicking the array I can only see the following things:


      Manage array:

      Disk cache enabled - click to disable

      nothing else. no "add disk"


      How do I add a new disk to my raid 5 array?