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    Wireless dropping exactly every 10 minutes


      I have an Intel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG wireless card in my Compaq nc8230 laptop running Windows XP. Recently I updated my wireless router to a Dlink. Since then I have my wireless connection drop almost exactly every 10 minutes (give or take a few seconds). This does not happen if I am within a couple of feet of the router, but as soon as I move away it happens. It seems to be trying to re-connect to the internet because the signal strength has fallen below some threshold even though the signal strength shows as “Excellent”.


      I have contacted the makers of the computer and Dlink and tried everything suggested with no success. Here is what I have tried.


      1. Disconnected any wireless devices in the house
      2. Updated drivers/firmware for both the router and the wireless card.
      3. Changed all the possible parameters on the wireless router e.g. used another channel while talking with the Dlink help desk
      4. Changed the Power Management of my card from the default to “highest” – as suggested in the FAQ
      5. Changed the “roaming aggressiveness” to “lowest” – as suggested in FAQ


      I have posted a message to the user forums and no one has answered. I see this problem in all sorts of Internet forums so obviously it is a common problem. I have tried everything I see that has been suggested and none has worked. Some have suggested un-checking the box “allow the computer to turn off this device to save power” but I cannot see this as an option anywhere in the card properties. It was suggested that there should be a Power Management tab but I do not have one. I only have Power Management as a selection on the “Advanced” tab of the network card.


      As the makers of the card, do you have any further definitive answers to this since I am at the point of being unable to use the wireless feature of the laptop at home.