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    DX58SO + 920 + 12GB [3X4GB] OCZ 1333MHz = Nada


      I have a DX58SO, a Core i7 920 and three 4GB OCZ DDR3-1333MHz modules and I cannot get the system to boot using all three memory modules. I've tested each individually with this CPU and motherboard and they all will work with just one module in the board, but once I add one or two more I get the failed boot, reboot, blank screen deal. I can run it just fine with 6GB of 1333MHz DDR3 [Kingston, Samsung, etc, tons of different voltages, all tested and working fine]


      The RAM is OCZ gold series with 9-9-9 timings and runs at 1.65v


      I'm wondering if maybe I've just got to go in and set all the timings/settings manually for this RAM or if I'm just out of luck with this 920 CPU.


      If it's a CPU limitation, can someone recommend what CPU to swap this with in order to take advantage of all 12GB of RAM?


      I've put all three modules into a Xeon W3520  workstation and it sees all 12GB.