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    DH57JG, something is hosing the CMOS state


      I'm trying to troubleshoot a tricky problem that is happening with a DH57JG mobo with 0537 BIOS:

      • The first symptom to appear is a long pause when shutting down or restarting from Linux ( x86_64).  It gets to the point where the Linux ACPI subsystem issues the instruction that should cause the shutdown or reboot and hangs there for a while.
      • At some point afterward, the real-time monitoring function in BIOS setup ceases to function.  When selected, there is a long pause and then it goes back to the same screen without ever displaying any temperatures or voltages.
      • It progresses to a point where trying to shut down or reboot can lead to a cycle of stopping, starting, running CPU fan at 100%, stopping again, etc.
      • Clearing CMOS makes the problem go away for a while, but I still don't know what's triggering it, so it repeats.
      • There have been no error messages saying that CMOS is corrupt.  It's just getting into a bad state somehow.

      I've already eliminated several possible causes and am now leaning towards blaming the ACPI code in the Linux kernel.  In the meantime, if there have been any similar experiences and/or found solutions I'd love to hear about it.

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          yes, I have the same problems with arch x86_64 with the same kernel and BIOS. hopefully it will get fixed soon.

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            I am experiencing identical symptoms as you describe in your post.  Do you have any follow-up that you could share that fixed your problems?



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              I can't say that it's gone for good, but based on my experiences so far I would recommend upgrading to the latest kernel and using the reset or power button as soon as the shutdown or reboot process appears to pause or hang (don't wait on something to happen).  I did not confirm whether the CMOS corruption problem is limited to the 0537 BIOS, but I did confirm that reboots hang (albeit differently) under 0217 as well.

              • After upgrading to kernel 2.6.35.x, operated for 2 months without needing to reset the CMOS.  However, reboot behavior remained flaky.  If it appeared to pause or hang, I would reset or power off rather than waiting; this may have avoided the CMOS corruption.
              • Suddenly developed a hard lockup problem that was not cured by resetting CMOS.  Happened reliably as soon as the PC warmed up to normal operating temperature.  RMA'd the motherboard.
              • New motherboard arrived with 0217 BIOS.  Setup OK, memtest OK, booted Windows OK.  On first boot of Linux (, it stopped shortly into the boot process, blanked the screen, ran the CPU fan at 100%, shut off, came back on, and then booted normally.  This behavior has not repeated.
              • Still with 0217 BIOS, shutdown (halt) from Linux worked fine, but reboot would reliably hang.  While hung, pressing the reset button did what it was supposed to do.
              • Since updating to 0537 BIOS, reboot works sometimes, but other times it hangs and the reset button does nothing.  Holding down the power button at this point shuts it off and on the next press of the power button it POSTs and boots normally.

              Other interesting factoids of potential relevance to one problem or the other:

              • Now running kernel built with gcc 4.5.1.  All prior kernels were built with gcc 4.4.4, which is now known to miscompile the kernel somehow:  http://gcc.gnu.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=45312
              • I'm using the i5-661 CPU, which is the only 87 W CPU on the compatible list.
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                Hi MatureTech,


                Thanks for your detailed post.  My build is a DH57JG motherboard with a Core i3 540 CPU + stock CPU fan.  Ubuntu 10.10.  I am running on BIOS version 0396 and have not updated to 0537 because of this issue (http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?p=18941460#post18941460).  My CPU fan currently runs at full speed anyway so for whatever reason it might be related to the BIOS version for me.  It looks like people have successfully downgraded BIOS versions so I will try upgrading to 0537 to see if some or all of my issues get resolved.