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    ITB WD External USB HDD Booting from Intel DG33 FB Motherboard.



      I got a DG33 FB motherboard where i have enabled to boot from USB. I can boot from USB pendrive. When the PC starts if i press "del" i can go to BIOS settings.

      When i press F4 i get a menu called Boot Menu, where i have different options to boot. Now i have a 1 TB Western Digital (my passport) USB HDD, which i ahve made it bootable and i can see this option in the Boot Menu List. But when i click on this 1TB HDD to boot (choose it to boot), it just doen't boot, it goes to the Windows Boot Menu to boot from my internal HD.

      Don't know why the Western Digital hardisk doesn't boot when i get the option in the boot menu list to boot.

      Only if i use a boot manager (third party boot manager) the 1 TB is forced to boot by the boot manager

      Have settings called UEFI which are enabled. Boot from USb is enabled.

      Any help in this matter would be great