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    Duplex Settings


      I work for a large company and we have started finding PC's connecting at half duplex.  We are trying to get a feel for how many pc's this is occuring on.   Other than using the switch to tell us is there anyway from a PC end to record this information in a script or pull it from the registry.  Also does intel have anything to test cable connections other than the diagnostics tab on the nic?  Maybe another tool?

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          Windows doesn't have anything like ethtool, that would show duplex settings.  It's not stored in the registry, either.


          Probe the NIC with SNMP, if you have the MIBs, for OID_INTEL_DUPLEX_STATUS.  1 is half, 2 is full.

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            I appreciate the feedback.  Can you send an example or supply some more info on how to use SNMP

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              What do you use for management?  Windows has a built-in SNMP client, I believe.

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                We don't have anything that monitors devices via SNMP, but I was trying to use net-snmp to query the duplex setting.


                For instance, I can query all the settings available on one of our printers using this command...

                    Snmpwalk.exe -v1 -c public <ipaddress>

                Or I can get a specific property using snmpget, for example I can get the model of the printer using ... 

                    snmpget -v1 -c public <ipaddress> HOST-RESOURCES-MIB::hrDeviceDescr.1


                How does one query the NIC?  Is there specific community string, or should public work?  Does an smtp service need to be running on the Windows OS, or is it built into the NIC hardware?