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    Replace SRCS16 SATA RAID Controller?


      Can a RAID controller be replaced without losing the data on the HD's?


      Our server has an Intel Server Board SE7210 TP1E with the SRCS16 SATA RAID Controller configured with two 320Gb HD's as RAID 1, two logical HD's (OS & data).  I need larger drives to accomodate an exchange server database, but unfortunately the SRCS16 doesn't recognize HD's larger than 500Gb.   I've already purchased two 1.5Tb HD's.


      I don't want to replace the existing HD's, because then I'll have to reinstall the OS, etc. etc.. etc....  So I have a few questions:


      One of the Intel sales reps suggested I purchase the SRCSATAWB..... but does anyone know if I replace my SRCS16 will my existing OS on the existing two 320Gb HD's be lost?  Can I keep the SRCS16 for those drives and install the SRCSATAWB for the two new 1.5Tb HD's?  Can I split the backplane with the two different controller cards?    Can the SRCSATAWB be installed with this motherboard?  What's the best (and easiest) way to fix this?  So many questions.....   I don't have alot of knowledge with RAID.   Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!