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    Intel X25-E 64GB very slow performance with Alienware M17x-R2


      I recently had my Alienware M17x - R1 replaced with the Alienware M17x - R2.


      This is a screenshot taken from my R1 (nvidia chipset)


      This is from my R2 (Intel Chipset, Dell's drivers installed for the chipset, Microsoft's default drivers for storage)


      This is after a clean Windows installation with only the Dell chipset drivers and the latest RST drivers from Intel


      This is in safe mode


      Could someone explain to me why those numbers are so low  compared to the R1? Is it Dell's fault or Intel's fault. I have tested the SSD and it's fine and I  have also secure erased the disk before each clean Windows installation to make sure the SSD's performance is set back to factory  defaults (8 secure erases and 8 clean Windows installations so far).

      I have also tried every possible driver combination (Matrix Storage  drivers from both Intel and Dell, RST, chipset drivers from both  Intel  and Dell) and I haven't managed to get the performance close to half of  what it was with my R1.


      Note, the mode is set to AHCI from inside BIOS, I get the exact same performance when Windows are installed with the RAID option instead of AHCI.